I like my work to be, for want of a better word, friendly. The reason for using silver at all is because it is a wonderful, forgiving, pliable material that I can manipulate with complete sympathy. I want the owners and users of my work to enjoy it , so it has to be direct and approachable and tactile.
Preciousness is a hindrance.
Usefulness a happy bonus.

Work in Public Collections

Scottish Craft Collection
Coffee pot, candlesticks (I.G.C.E. 1984)
Royal Museums Scotland, Edinburgh
Silver caddy (1987 I.G.C.E.),Tall Patinated Cu/Brass Vessel.
_Coffee pot.

One setting from the Bute House Millenium Collection 1999
Silver Plate 2008
City of Bristol Museum, per Contemporary Arts Society
Silver Caddy 1988
Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery,Glasgow
Rocking vessel 1990
City of Aberdeen Museum & Art Gallery
Coffee pot, patinated box, candlesticks (1993)
Goldsmiths Company, London
Standing bowl
Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh Goblet
Rabinovitch Collection at the V&A
Fish server,Vase.
Sheffield Museum and Art gallery
Millenium Canteen- Carving Knife
Bute House Millenium Collection (For the new Parliament)
25 place settings in silver, gold inlayed.
City of Birmingham Museum
Reliquary for a traveller. (silver casket golden boat) 2003
Goldsmiths Company, London
Two Plates and a Bowl (2005)
Goldsmiths Company, London
Snowbowl 6 (2009)
Goldsmiths Company, London
Snowcord vase (2010)