Moving Metal

These 2 short films are the best demonstration of the ancient technique of raising silver that you will find anywhere on the internet. One is a stop frame animation of the whole raising process , how the metal moves (3 mins). The second is a video showing Adrian Hope working the silver. You can see him use wooden mallets, stakes and punches and fire (11+mins). Raising is an ancient traditional metalsmithing technique.

Shannon Tofts and Adrian Hope spent time discussing and planning this real time project. In metalwork terms a simple but vital core process. In photographic and editing terms a huge challenge. The end result was first enabled and shown to the public courtesy of Ruthin Craft centre in North Wales. The subject of the 2 films, the Large Britannia (958Ag) Silver Snowbowl was displayed alongside the 2 screens and is now in a private collection in Buckinghamshire.


A short film made by The Worshipful company of Goldsmiths; “Creation” an insight into the mind of the modern silversmith. A collection of short films were made under the banner “Creation”.

The Adrian Hope film is focused on one of his favourite pieces. “Reliquary for a Traveller” . This work is now part of the collection of the City of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Creation included films about Malcolm Appleby, Michael Lloyd, Alex Brogden, David Clarke, Stuart Devlin, Rod Kelly, Anthony Elson, Chris knight, Ron Porritt, Jane Short, Hiroshi Suzuki and Simone ten Hompel.